Corporate News

September 2014:

November 11, 2014:
Earthstone Energy Reports 2nd Quarter Results

October 17, 2014:
Earthstone Energy, Inc. and Oak Valley Resources, LLC Announce Agreement to Acquire Additional Eagle Ford Interests

Who We Are

We are an independent oil and gas exploration company focusing on the fundamentals of company growth and profitability in an effort to enhance shareholder wealth. Our company is comprised of seasoned industry professionals who have been associated with the company for a long time. We are survivors with a management track record in both good times and bad. We have an established production base that generates positive cash flow and profits.

Our focus on growth is aimed at discovering new sources of oil and natural gas reserves, acquiring strategically significant properties and boosting cash flows from existing oil and gas production. Our activities are intended to capitalize on our knowledge and presence in the North Dakota and Montana portions of the Williston basin, the Denver-Julesburg basin of Colorado, the southern portions of Texas, and along the on-shore portions of the Gulf Coast.

Why Invest in Earthstone Energy?
  • Increasing reserves and production.
  • Solid Balance Sheet and Fundamentals.
  • Proven, Stable Management.
  • Unhedged Production...Predominantly Oil.
  • Emerging Micro-Cap Stock Value.

Letter to our shareholders

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