Who We Are

We are an independent oil and gas exploration company focusing on the fundamentals of company growth and profitability in an effort to enhance shareholder wealth. Our company is comprised of seasoned industry professionals who have been associated with the company for a long time. We are survivors with a management track record in both good times and bad. We have an established production base that generates positive cash flow and profits.

Our focus on growth is aimed at discovering new sources of oil and natural gas reserves, acquiring strategically significant properties and boosting cash flows from existing oil and gas production. Our activities are intended to capitalize on our knowledge and presence currently in the Midland Basin of west Texas and the Delaware Basin in New Mexico.

Why Invest In Earthstone Energy?

  • High quality basin and acreage position
  • Solid balance sheet and fundamentals
  • Proven, stable management team
  • Emerging small cap value stock
  • “Do the right thing” commitment to stakeholders, employees and environment

Our Strengths

We believe that the following strengths are beneficial in achieving our business goals:

  • Extensive horizontal development potential in one of the most oil rich basins of the United States;
  • Experienced management team with substantial technical and operational expertise;
  • Ability to attract technical personnel with experience in our core area of operations;
  • History of successful acquisition and merger transactions;
  • Operating control over the majority of our production and development activities;
  • Conservative balance sheet; and
  • Commitment to cost efficient operations

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