Social and Community

Social and Community

Earthstone is dedicated to making a positive impact on the communities in which we live, work and operate. Our employees are encouraged to seek out organizations and initiatives they wish to support. Our employees donate their time and financial support to a wide range of charities, community organizations and activities, such as food banks, school supply drives, toy drives, natural disaster recovery, and other local events. In many cases, their efforts are supplemented with generous financial support from Earthstone.

We also work hard each day to promote safe, healthy and ethical business practices to earn the trust of the people in our communities. We believe that our success is achieved through safe and responsible operations, and by treating landowners and lessors as valued business partners that deserve our utmost respect.


  • Montgomery County Food Bank
  • Small Steps
    Nurturing Center
  • OneGoal
  • Basin Strong
  • Midland Rape Crisis
    and Children’s
    Advocacy Center
  • SPE Scholarship Foundation
  • IPAA Educational Foundation

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